Cellar Conversion in Wakefield – Your Questions Answered

Cellar Conversion in Wakefield

Cellar Conversion in Wakefield – Your Questions Answered

Cellar Conversion in Wakefield – Your Questions Answered

The day you need more room in your house, you can often rush to begin planning your move to a new house. Now, there’s no need for you to have to move out when you can have a cellar conversion in Wakefield.

With cellar conversions, all the trouble of having to move to a new house dissipates.

Whilst initially planning your conversion will be stressful and the initial investment substantial, it’s more than worth it in the end. Not only do you get more room but it greatly increases the value of your home for when it really is time for you to move out.

If you know you’re definitely interested in having your cellar conversion but you’re unsure on a few things, we’ve written this blog post to answer your questions concerning a cellar conversion in Wakefield.

How long will it take to complete the conversion?

Obviously, you don’t want your cellar conversation to be taking months on end and we appreciate that. Whilst we complete all of our conversions whether that’s loft, garage or cellar to the highest quality, we also make sure to stick to a timetable that suits you.

Despite this, there’s no set time for how long a cellar conversion is going to take. It really depends on the type of conversion that you’re going to choose. The quickest is usually a dormer cellar conversion if no problems occur.

We would recommend that you allow for up to 12 weeks when you’re planning when you’ll be having your cellar converted. Generally, it won’t take anywhere near as much time as this but in case any troubles arise, it’s important to leave a big enough period to account for that.

Do I need an agreement with my neighbours and if so, what agreement?

It’s important that you do have an agreement with your neighbours for more than one reason.

Any work to a boundary wall means you’ll have to abide by the requirements of the Party Wall Act 1996. This Act gives you the rights to and duties over the work to a shared wall.

Personally, we advise you not only of your legal obligations with respect to your neighbours but also the best way to keep them onside throughout the process of your cellar being converted. It’s important to make sure your neighbours agree to the process or this can lead to trouble down the line.

Will a cellar add value to my property? How much?

Finally, the most important question!

Converting your cellar into a room, especially a bedroom, is a sure-fire way of adding a significant amount to the value of your property.

A cellar conversion is a great way of expanding your home whilst you need more room but it also means that if you have to move out in the future, you’ve added a huge chunk of money to the value of the property.

Research demonstrates that converting your cellar can add up to 21% to a property’s value – a huge amount!

Whilst statistics have demonstrated that if your house is already valued at £300,000 upwards you can add £63,000 to your house, if your house is less than this value, you might end up not adding enough value to your property to make profit.

A typical cellar conversion generally costs between £30,000 and £40,000 so it is important to check the current value of your home before making such a significant investment. If you work out that it won’t add more to your property value than what the conversion costs, it might be cheaper to move to a new house instead.

Any more questions?

If you have a question that we haven’t answered for you or you’d just like some more information, feel free to post a comment or get in touch with us here today.