Loft Conversion in Harrogate – How can my home be improved?

Loft conversion in Harrogate

Loft Conversion in Harrogate – How can my home be improved?

If you’re going to get a loft conversion in Harrogate instead of simply moving to a new house, it’s important to make sure that you have a fantastic improvement that you and your family are bound to love for years to come.

Whilst you know that you need an improvement and more space, it’s sometimes hard to decide what to turn the space into. We’ve written this blog post to give you some ideas about your loft conversion in Harrogate.

What type of loft conversion?

You might not be aware that there’s many different types of loft conversion in Harrogate so we’ve included this section to tell you a little bit about each so that you know what your options are.

Dormer: The dormer loft conversion is best for the properties with only a small amount of loft space. A flat roofed dormer comes with the benefits of increased headroom, straight walls and a flat ceiling. With a dormer-style conversion, you can have a greater floor space than the other types of conversion that are available. This means it no longer feels like a loft but more like any other room in your house.

Hip to Gable: A hip to gable loft conversion is designed to maximise the available space in properties where there’s more than 2 sloping sides. This style opens up the head space to provide a more usable space after completion of the conversion. This allows for more than one room, perhaps an en suite. This all depends on your needs however.

Mansard: Mansard conversions provide the most headspace and largest room volume of any type of loft conversion. The aim of this conversion is to extend the full plane of your property’s roof. This creates the feeling of an additional storey on your home.

Velux: The name of this conversion refers to the type of windows used to maximise the effect of the conversion. These windows are installed directly into the main roof of the property, following the natural line. Velux loft conversions are ideal for properties where no additional roof alterations will be required to add head space.

What rooms can you have?

Bedroom: One of the main reasons a family moves to a new house is because they need an extra bedroom. Why not take advantage of wasted space and turn your loft into a new bedroom? With the opportunity for an en suite, there’s plenty of room for a bed, wardrobes and a desk depending on the size of your loft.

Storage room: Also a popular reason for having to move to a new house, you can turn your loft into a simple storage room. If you can keep the contents tidy, this could be a nice room for storing everything from clothes that are out of season to children’s toys. Sorted systematically, it can become a room where you can easily find the things you’ve stored!

Office: Work isn’t just 9-5 anymore, it’s your whole life. Creating an office in your loft means that you’re away from all the family but you’re still relaxing in your home, making you much more productive than trying to work anywhere else.

Home gym: Who doesn’t love the gym, right?… well, you’d be more likely to love the gym if you had one in your home. Having a gym at home means you can work out at any time. No early mornings or late nights at the gym, you can keep fit in your home instead. Also, there’s no waiting to use your favourite equipment when it’s in your own home.

Now you have some ideas for loft conversions in Harrogate, what’s stopping you planning yours now?