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Extension Leeds: The advantages of extending your home instead of moving

As we all know, times change. Although some small changes don’t call for drastic measures, a change such as a new baby changes far more than you’d imagine. In fact, you might discover that you’ve outgrown your home; it might look like you’re going to …

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Extension Leeds
28th February 2018

More room needed? Here’s the Huddersfield conversions you can choose from

More room needed? Here’s the Huddersfield conversions you can choose from No matter what house you have, it’s likely that it will come to the point when you need more room. Although it might seem like the easiest option is to move to a new …

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Huddersfield conversions
15th February 2018

How a Loft Conversion Will Improve Your Home

Improving your property is always important and there is plenty of easy, cost-effective ways that you can do it. One of them easy, cost-effective ways is to invest in a loft conversion. Whilst a loft conversion might not seem like the easiest or quickest way …

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Loft Conversion Mirfield

Loft conversion Leeds: Use the space

If you’re trying to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of something, it’s important to have all the facts. That includes when it comes to your potential loft conversion Leeds. It’s a big decision, deciding if you want to invest in a loft conversion or …

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Loft conversion Leeds

Empty garage? A garage conversion is the answer

You don’t use your garage? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Millions of UK homes have a garage, but millions of people don’t use them. In fact, a very small percentage of those millions of homes use their garage: only 10% of home owners …

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garage conversion
28th December 2017

Cellar conversion Wakefield: Why you should convert instead of moving

Thinking about and beginning to plan a cellar conversion is a stressful experience, making most people turn away from the idea of modifying their current home and move to a new property instead. Providing you work with a quality team of people, converting your cellar …

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Cellar conversion Wakefield
15th December 2017

Advantages of garage conversion in Leeds

Moving to a new house is a hassle, so when you finally need to leave your current house, panic sets in. Maybe you want a fresh start, perhaps you’ve ran out of space. But if you need to move, you need to move, right? Fortunately, …

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Garage conversion in Leeds
30th November 2017

Cellar conversion Ilkley

Whether it’s due to sentiment or practicality, we often don’t want to move to a new house even when it appears that that’s the best or the only option. Whilst you might be preparing to move to a new house now, have you considered a …

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Cellar conversion Ilkley
15th November 2017

West Yorkshire garage conversions are on the rise

Individuals and families are always searching for the latest innovative method of making the most of their homes, and West Yorkshire home owners have stumbled upon the latest: West Yorkshire garage conversions. Surprisingly, many people didn’t consider a garage conversion earlier, they’re more inclined to …

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Garage conversion in Leeds

Loft Conversion in Harrogate – How can my home be improved?

If you’re going to get a loft conversion in Harrogate instead of simply moving to a new house, it’s important to make sure that you have a fantastic improvement that you and your family are bound to love for years to come. Whilst you know …

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Loft conversion in Harrogate