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Decking & Patio

  • Date

    August 8, 2015

  • Client

    Mr Hitch

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Decking & Patio

During the summer months your garden becomes an additional living space in your property, letting you comfortably enjoy the outdoors.
Our clients already had a spacious home but wanted to be able to make the most of their garden. As their property is raised from the level of their garden, access can be more difficult. Resulting in a lack of outdoor use.
To make the most of their garden the owners wanted to maximise their patio space. Extending the decking area via raised platform provided the most convenient way of expanding the patio area without losing a large section of the garden.
The new patio and decking area has allowed them a larger space to entertain with and also maintain their garden space for their children. Providing them with everything they wanted to achieve with their new garden design. A great garden can transform a home, especially in the summer months.
The team at Prizehouse worked efficiently with our client to design the decking and patio to meet the functionality of their family and maximise the use of a previously unused space.
This project was completed on schedule, the customers delighted with the high quality finish and attention to detail from our team.