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Garage conversion – New Miller Dam, Wakefield

Garage conversion – New Miller Dam, Wakefield

This property was structurally sound and in great condition due to the property only being 10 years old. However, the family were facing a significant problem. With an ever growing family, they were beginning to run out of room in their home and couldn’t afford to the cost of upsizing in the area they currently lived in.

When Prizehouse was approached, the initial concept of converting their garage space into an additional room was already in the running. Converting their unused garage into an additional dual use room that could be used either as an additional bedroom or family room/office with an ajoining bathroom.

 As the garage was located underneath the garden, we were able to install a walk on window over the former garage to maximize the amount of natural light in the property. This is the first time something like this has been install, and seriously increased the amount of natural light available.

 Converting the garage space allowed the family to maximize the potential in their home and also save them a lot of money as compared to moving.