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Loft conversion – Mirfield

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Loft conversion in Harrogate

Loft conversion – Mirfield

In this Mirfield property the home the owner was looking for a way to maximize on the property to increase the monthly rental income.

 As a traditional one-bedroom terraced property, the only way to increase square footage was to go up. A dormer loft conversion, allowed an additional bedroom to be added, turning it from a one-bedroom property to a two-bedroom property.

The dormer windows allowed for a huge amount of natural light to flood into the room, making a light and bright second bedroom. We also maximized spaces to add additional storage areas, meaning no space was left to waste.

 The significant amount of space by adding a dormer loft conversion instantly increased the value of the property and the monthly rental cost. It really benefitted the owner to maximize the space available to him instead of buying a larger property with an already significantly higher price tag on.