How a Loft Conversion Will Improve Your Home

Loft Conversion Mirfield

How a Loft Conversion Will Improve Your Home

Improving your property is always important and there is plenty of easy, cost-effective ways that you can do it. One of them easy, cost-effective ways is to invest in a loft conversion. Whilst a loft conversion might not seem like the easiest or quickest way to transform your property, it always is with us; in this blog post about loft conversion Mirfield, we are going to tell you why.

Loft conversion Mirfield: Making it easier for you

When you work with Prizehouse Construction you get a better service than you would anywhere else. Here’s why:

  • No hidden costs: Some people who work in construction just love to add on ‘hidden’ costs when you are least expecting it. Essentially, your invoice is going to be a lot more expensive than you first thought. Fortunately, when you’re working with Prizehouse there is none of these pesky costs.
  • Stick to timeframe: Some builders can trick you into paying more by intentionally going over the timeframe that they have agreed with you. Not only can this sometimes leave you paying more than you expected to, but it can also mean that you’re left with an uncomplete project when you want it to be completed. At Prizehouse, we stick to the timeframes that we agree with you – or we wouldn’t agree them!
  • We’re reliable: As our multitude of customer reviews can prove, you’re going to ensure yourself a reliable service when you make the decision to work with us.

Loft conversion Mirfield: Types of loft conversion

There’s many different types of loft conversion.

Dormer: If your property has a limited amount of loft space, Dormer is the best option. A flat-roofed former comes with increased headroom, straight walls and a flat ceiling. You have a greater floor space with this conversion that you do with the other options.

Hip to Gable: This type of loft conversion is designed to maximise the space that’s available to you when your roof has more than 2 slopping sides. This type opens up the head space to allow greater options for what the room can be used for. Whilst it depends on your needs, this generally means that you can have more than one room.

Velux: The name of this type of conversion refers to the type of windows that are used; these windows are installed directly into the main roof of the property, following the natural line. Velux is the ideal type where no additional roof alterations will be required to add head space to the new room.

Loft conversion Mirfield: The rooms you can have

There’s a variety of rooms that you can have in your loft. It allows you to easily expand your home, so it provides what you need from it.

  • Bedroom: Every house could do with more bedrooms and a loft conversion allows for this.
  • Storage Room: If your problem is finding a place to store all your things, a storage room loft conversion can solve everything.
  • Office: It’s much easier to work when you don’t have everything distracting you. An office at home is the best choice for solving your woes.
  • Home Gym: Being able to use the gym in your home means you don’t have to leave the house – what could be better?