West Yorkshire garage conversions are on the rise

West Yorkshire garage conversions are on the rise

West Yorkshire garage conversions are on the rise

Individuals and families are always searching for the latest innovative method of making the most of their homes, and West Yorkshire home owners have stumbled upon the latest: West Yorkshire garage conversions. Surprisingly, many people didn’t consider a garage conversion earlier, they’re more inclined to move to a new house or have an extension. This is frankly quite shocking when you find out that 90% of British garages don’t actually contain a car!

Why are West Yorkshire garage conversions actually on the rise?

It is undeniable that West Yorkshire garage conversions are on the rise but it’s debateable why they’re on the rise. Here’s some reasons why your neighbours might be converting their garages.

They need or want more room

The most obvious of the reasons, residents of West Yorkshire are converting their garages simply because they need more room.

In a time where moving to a new house is significantly more expensive than a conversion or an expansion, converting your garage is the ideal option for gaining more space. By adapting their current house, they’re potentially saving tens of thousands by converting instead of moving.

They’ve realised their garage is wasted

Another popular reason for West Yorkshire garage conversions, many home owners have realised that their garage is simply wasted space.

With 90% of garages not containing a car, what are garages actually used for? Usually, they’re used as a place to put things that you don’t want in the rest of the house, making the garage effectively just a storage room. This has led to most people realising that their garage could be so much more than simply a room to store things in.

They’ve found out it’ll raise the value of their property

With the uncertainty known as Brexit just around the corner, many people are considering how they can protect and enhance their assets before the worst can happen. With considerations such as this, home owners are looking for ways to raise the value of their most important asset: their home.

Luckily, converting your garage is a fantastic way of enhancing your home and raising the value. Even if you don’t choose to move out anyway, you know that you always have the security of that added value to your property.

What can your wasted space become?

You might have decided that a West Yorkshire garage conversion would be beneficial to you too, so what can your garage become? Well, your garage can basically become anything that you want it to be. If you can’t think of any ideas, however, here’s our favourites.

Office: Little children screaming and playing games is a massive distraction if you’re trying to do crucial work in the living room. That’s why converting your garage into an office space is an excellent idea. You can store all of your paperwork neatly, in one place, and concentrate easily on your work.

Home Gym: We don’t know about you but after a long day at work, it’s difficult to find motivation to go to the gym instead of going back to the comfort of your own home. What if the gym was in your home? By converting your garage, you can potentially have something resembling a gym at home.

Bedroom: If the family is getting bigger or you just want a guest room, converting your garage into a bedroom gives you an extra room without the pressure of having to move to a new house. And we all know how valuable bedrooms are when you consider selling your home!

Is a West Yorkshire garage conversion the best option for you? You can get a free estimation today with our calculator and we’ll be in touch!