Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Business

This agreement is made between Prizehouse and the person or persons named on the quote (hereafter referred to as “The Customer”).

The Works

These are the building services to be provided by Prizehouse in accordance with the quote provided to the customer.

Project Timescales

Prizehouse workmen are instructed to exercise due care in carrying out their work and shall at all times complete the works within due diligence.  Whilst Prizehouse shall ensure that all workmen use their best endeavour to complete the works within the period of time quoted to the customer, all time estimates and commencement dates are given strictly as estimates only, and Prizehouse Construction will not be liable for any loss or damage, howsoever expressed or quantified, caused as a result of any delay in either, the commencement or completion of the works, or of any dispute which may arise.


  1. A ‘contract’ with Prizehouse is an agreement with the customer to have work undertaken based on a written quotation headed ‘Quote’ submitted directly to the customer on an official Prizehouse letterhead and is a clear and straightforward undertaking between the two parties to form a contract.
  2. Prizehouse will provide all customers with a written quotation, which will include as much detail for the completion of the works. All quantities are on our quote, anything over these amounts will be charged accordingly. If any clarification is required, please contact us so that we can provide it.
  3. Once a quotation has been accepted in writing or via email and the customer has paid their deposit to secure a start date, the contract has been entered into and these terms will come into effect. Quotes are valid for 21 days from the date on the quote.
  4. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange planning permission, building control and any utility changes (e.g. Water/Gas/Electricity). If planning permission is required for the work, Prizehouse will request to see proof that this has been agreed prior to commencing work.
  5. Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure in performing its obligations or duties under this agreement which results from circumstances outside our reasonable control including but not limited to acts of God, industrial action, war, fire, threat of terrorism, civil disturbance or rioting, government or regulatory action, breakdown in plant or machinery or shortages of raw materials or supplies.
  6. Prizehouse will take care in our working practices to protect existing surfaces, however we will not accept responsibility for any damage caused to items that should be removed from the working area. We strongly recommend the customer moves any expensive or sentimental items before work commences. If we are required to move furniture to undertake our work, we will not be held responsible for any breakages or damage that may occur. We advise customers to keep all valuables and expensive items safe and secure for the duration of the works, as we cannot be held liable.
  7. Prizehouse shall take every care during the carrying out of the work but the tender does not include renewing flooring or incidental redecoration subsequent upon the proper execution of the work. In particular the customer shall remove or be responsible for all floor coverings, including carpets and lino. It is not always possible to avoid minor damage, but the contractor will make every effort to keep this to a minimum.
  8. All customer information is retained in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and all personal and other customer details will remain confidential.
  9. No responsibility is taken by Prizehouse for the presence of perished or rotten timber (or any other perished or rotten materials) in existing structures such as doors, windows and frames whether detected or undetected at the time of contract.
  10. Prizehouse will not be held responsible for the suitability of the existing boiler and mains gas supply. If the existing boiler and main supply is found to be unsuitable, this will be discussed with the customer and a quote will be provided for any parts/boiler upgrade etc. Acceptance of the quote will be required before work commences. If we have to remove existing radiators for any reason (e.g., plastering) we will not be held responsible for their effectiveness once they are replaced.
  11. Prizehouse cannot undertake any works relating to Gas and Electric mains relocation as it is illegal, this has to be done by your energy supplier.
  12. Prices are based on the understanding that no retentions are held unless previously arranged and authorised. No main Contractor or Sub Contractor discounts are given unless agreed and confirmed in writing.
  13. Prizehouse take pictures of the progress of our projects. We reserve the right to use these pictures in our portfolio of work, on our website and on various social media websites for marketing and information purposes. Please let us know via email at the start of your work if you are not happy with this.
  14. Gardens will be reinstated but not re-laid, the customer is to accept that during the duration of the installation and/or build some allowable wear and tear will be apparent in the area of the installation/construction.
  15. All prices quoted are calculated on the basis of free access and unimpeded working during our normal working hours (8am – 4.30pm Mon-Fri), unless otherwise agreed.
  16. Commencement of work is under the assumption of uninterrupted work for the duration of the contract and in accordance with planning permission where applicable. Prizehouse will not be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of delays due to unforeseen circumstances. (e.g. planning permission delays resulting in work having to stop)
  17. Free access is required for delivery of building materials, plant, machinery, skips etc.
  18. All used or removed materials on-site remain the property of Prizehouse and will be disposed of accordingly.
  19. Prizehouse may directly employ or subcontract labour to work on site. Each sub-contractor takes full responsibility for their own third-party liability. The main contractor will oversee all works to completion and take full general and operational responsibility in the running of any contract agreed with the client.


  1. Prizehouse reserves the right to adjust the price quoted to the customer at any time before submitting the invoice for payment to take into consideration any increase in the cost of materials.
  2. Prizehouse expressly reserves the right to adjust the charges quoted to the customer at any time before submitting the invoice for payment to take into consideration any increase in the cost of services arising as a result of any circumstances beyond Prizehouse’s reasonable control for the avoidance of doubt, additional charges may be incurred in the event of Building Control specifying that further work needs to be undertaken at the premises. In this event Prizehouse shall notify the customer of the need for additional works and the customer shall, upon being notified and upon the additional works being carried out, be liable for the full cost thereof.
  3. Costs of any repairs as a result of any defects which were not visible at the time of quoting will be chargeable to the customer, unless allowances for such items is included in the quote.
  4. Prizehouse will provide a quote/s for any additional works requested by the customer, Prizehouse will not undertake any works until written or electronic confirmation is received from the customer.
  5. Where additional works require immediate attention, for avoidance of doubt these include but not limited to, emergency works, that are required to be remedied / repaired or renewed to avoid further damage or compromise the structure, or any aspect of works which require attention to avoid any further delays to Prizehouse’s schedule of work, the customer authorises Prizehouse to proceed with immediate effect, (without the need for Prizehouse to provide a quote and receive confirmation in writing from the customer) to address the necessary works, and to charge the customer for all the necessary costs.
  6. The customer shall at all times be liable for the additional costs incurred by Prizehouse in carrying out any further works in accordance with the customer’s request pursuant to the above.
  7. If requested by the customer Prizehouse can manage all inspections and other related issues concerning the Local Authority Building Control Department, confirmation of these arrangements need to be in writing and signed by both parties.

Customer Duties

  1. The customer shall notify their insurance company of the work due to be carried out and ensure that at all times the premises upon which the work is being carried out are adequately insured against the risk of fire, storm, high winds, and any other foreseeable risks.
  2. Before commencement of the works and for the duration thereof, the customer shall insure, and shall be solely responsible for the protection and/or removal of all satellite dishes, television aerials, radio aerials and any other fixtures, fittings, furniture, additions or attachments affixed to or near the site of the proposed works.
  3. Before the commencements of work and for the duration thereof, the customer shall notify Prizehouse in writing of any glass roofs, glass houses or neighbouring glass structures. Any such structures shall be expressly included in the agreement with the customer. It is at the discretion of Prizehouse to board up any glass structure, (the customer shall be liable for all costs relating to protecting any glass structures) which they consider may be damaged by the work being carried out. It is an express condition of this agreement that Prizehouse shall not be liable for any loss to any glass structure not mentioned prior to commencement of work.
  4. The customer shall be responsible for all legal and / or statutory requirements, including compliance with Planning and Building Regulations, and for submitting all Notices and Applications, and paying all fees.
  5. The customer will provide Prizehouse all water and electricity free of charge.
  6. The customer will provide storage space / facilities to accommodate materials, tools and plant.
  7. The customer agrees that ownership in full of all / any salvageable items removed from the site will remain the property of Prizehouse.
  8. The customer will remove all their property / fixtures and fittings from the working area / vicinity prior to commencement of work.


Payment Terms

  1. Prizehouse will provide a payment plan to the client prior to commencement of works. This will include a 5% deposit to secure the start date, a second payment of 5% on the start date and then staged fortnightly payments during the works and a final payment upon completion of works. The deposit is non-refundable and allows Prizehouse Ltd to book equipment and purchase materials.
  2. Invoices will be sent out prior to the relevant payment date. Payments must be made within 5 days or work progress may be impeded or ceased (in the case of non-payment). Payments can be made by bank transfer or cash. Bank transfer is our preferred method. All invoices include our bank details for bank transfers.
  3. Payment in full is due upon completion of the contract and presentation of the final invoice. Part payments, interim payments and deposits may be agreed prior to commencement of works or during the contract duration. Interim payments and the final payment on completion of a contract is not reliant on the presentation of completion certificates with respect to ELECSA/NICEIC, GAS SAFE or Building Control Completion Certificates as they are subject to third party administration by i.e. Local Authority etc. 


  1. Insurance – Public Liability and Employers’ Liability: Prizehouse Ltd has Public Liability Insurance to the sum of £5,000,000 and Employers’ Liability to the sum of £10,000,000. All usual general building practices are covered within our insurance policy.

Notice of the Rights to Cancel

  1. Once the client has entered into a contract with Prizehouse by paying their deposit, they have a fourteen day cooling off period should they wish to cancel the contract. The client can cancel their contract within 14 days by either phone 01924 490199 or email to admin@prizehouse.co.uk, if the contract is cancelled after 14 days, then the deposit becomes non-refundable.
  2. In the very unlikely event that Prizehouse have to cancel your work, your deposit will be fully refunded, less any costs for any bespoke items ordered which will remain the property of the customer.


  1. All clients will benefit from a full guarantee on our workmanship for a period of 12 months. Guarantees on materials run in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty period where applicable. Our guarantee covers all new work and new materials used in construction or repairs but does not guarantee the integrity of any existing structures, materials or decorations. In the event of a failure beyond the guarantee period we will be happy to investigate the cause and negotiate a solution to the problem without delay and carry out any agreed repairs as soon as possible. Charges may apply for remedial work carried out beyond guarantee dates or to items not covered by our guarantee. Please note:- Decorations are signed off on completion and not covered by a guarantee.


  1. Whilst due care will be taken, Prizehouse will not be liable for dirt / dust that may be caused during the period of the works, nor will Prizehouse be liable for any damage caused to the customers personal items left within all or any area where works are ongoing. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that they provide adequate protection against dirt / dust and or to remove personal items or goods from the vicinity of the works at all times.
  2. Prizehouse shall not be liable for any damage caused as a result of any existing defects in the structure, or any part, of the site of proposed works.
  3. Whilst due care will be taken, Prizehouse will not be liable for any cracking or damage that may occur by movement or vibration in the structure during the course of the works.
  4. Whilst Prizehouse will take due care with the works carried out, in the instance of pointing, rendering and any other cement related works, Prizehouse cannot guarantee weather having an effect on it. Prizehouse will not be liable to remedy /and or rectify any damage that may occur.
  5. Prizehouse shall not be liable for any damaged suffered or loss caused to any appliances, fixtures, fittings, furniture, additions or structure of any kind, whether glass or otherwise, arising as a result of the customer’s duties as set out above.
  6. Prizehouse shall not be liable for any damaged caused to the customer’s premises by reason of water penetration, or otherwise, arising as a result of weather conditions or otherwise.
  7. Prizehouse shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any faults or defects whatsoever for any goods which have been purchased on behalf of the customer. It shall be the customer’s duties to dispute any claims against faulty or damaged goods directly with the suppliers and or manufacturers.
  8. Where Prizehouse recommends or introduces the customer to suppliers and or any other third party, Prizehouse accepts no liability in the event of any issues arising.
  9. Without affecting its rights and remedies, Prizehouse can suspend or end this contract on one or more of the following circumstances:- (i) If the customer fails to pay any interim invoices and still fails to pay (7) days after receiving written notice. (ii) If the customer, relative or agent interfere with or obstruct the works or fail to make the site available for Prizehouse.
  10. Every care will be taken by Prizehouse to ensure labour and materials provided produce a satisfactory finish. Prizehouse shall at its own cost rectify any faults or defects that appear within the stated and agreed defects liability period of the completion of the works and which are due to materials and workmanship not in accordance with these terms and conditions, so long as written notice of such faults or defects shall be given by the customer to Prizehouse within a reasonable period of the expiration of the period. Cracks due to normal movement or drying out of timber, plaster etc will not be accepted as defects. The maximum period of defects liability will not exceed three months from practical completion of the works.